We’ll start each day by “convoying” in our ATV’s to a beautiful island location for Hatha-inspired movement classes. Each class will be accompanied by breath work, guided meditations, hypnotic healing, constellation work or a workshop and will range in total length between 60 - 120 minutes. All classes are suitable for both experienced yoga students and beginners alike.



The following is a list of past workshops to give you an idea of what to expect. Our wellness workshops teach practical skills that will help you manage your wellbeing, deal with conflict and decrease stress in your life. Each unique session is designed to engage your mind as well as your body using diverse techniques ranging from yoga to hypnotic healing and constellation work. Come to this retreat ready to laugh, learn and do meaningful inner work.


Life can be hard—and its lessons, hardening. That’s in part because the typical human response to stress or fear is one of constriction or hardening (“turtling”). So in this essential practice, we’ll use mindful movement to soften each area of the body. The transition away from stress will help you unlock mental, emotional and physical sensibilities and finish restored. 

Hypnotic Trance for Magnetic Charisma and Success

Charismatic people feel comfortable in themselves. They aren't desperate for the approval of others and that's why we feel attracted to them. Or it could be that they know how to generate a joyous inner feeling a share it with others. Whatever the case, we’ll explore how you can go from irritable to irresistible during this guided, co-created journey that will leave you tingling with confidence, clarity and a renewed spirit. 

Delivering this workshop for 150+ Burners at Burning Man 2017:



Hip work is more than just flexibility in your pelvic floor and lower back: it’s often also a profound emotional release and calm mind. Free your hips and your emotions will follow, goes the saying. So the focus of this class will be bringing fluidity to where there is stagnation. We’ll blend static holds and dynamic twists to create space and release tension in the torso and legs. You’ll join in on the conversation that asks: What do your hips have to do with a life balance?


How do you get what you want when the task involves someone else? How do you communicate your needs? We’ll use movement to exploration your inner definition of collaboration.

In this workshop, you’ll be assisting a partner through a series of asanas: heart openers, twists, folds and more. Experience both giver and recipient roles. Explore limitations and opportunities in each role, as well as in particular movements. Develop language to ask for what you need and set boundaries. Redefine what “yes” and “no” mean to you. It’s a verbal and nonverbal communication extravaganza!


What does it mean to live richly? What is the “luxury” (or responsibility) of choice mean to you? What happens when you “feel” prosperous—or limited (in the body as well as in life?)

In this workshop, we’ll use breath-work and yoga-based movements as a way to come into your day, doubly engaged. You might call this module an active investment in yourself.


It is said that the quality of your communication determines the quality of your life. And yet sometimes there are discussions you’d rather not have because they are complex, uncomfortable or both. What happens in your body during these conversations? Can you still “show up” in the same way? In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of being an embodied (and empowered) communicator. Whether at home, work or in high-stakes situations, you will gain a new confidence as you become clear, direct and caring in your (body) language with others. 


You move fast. But life moves faster. How do you stay the driving factor in your own success without sacrificing health or emotional well-being? In this workshop, we’ll explore practical self-regulation techniques to help you center yourself and “fill up” while still living life in the fast lane. You’ll learn actionable skills to decrease stress, increase resilience and create mental freedom. 


Listen to the audio below for a sample of hypnotic healing work: